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Rent Equip is a dynamic, growing company that is full of outstanding people and we’re always looking for new team members. Our ideal candidates are...


We’re passionate about serving our customers with humility and kindness, and we treat one another the same way.

strong character

Skills can be taught, but character cannot. We seek integrity first and aptitude second.


Our employees’ professionalism, including appearance, is very important to us. We carry that professionalism into our branches and trucks as well.


We enjoy what we do, and we are dedicated to excellence. We work extremely hard to get the job done (and do it well).

& Coachable

Be confident in what you know, but humble enough to admit what you don’t know and take initiative to learn it.


We are a small company, so we all pitch in to get the job done whenever needed. You won’t hear anyone say “not my job” around here. We are a team!

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Rent Equip Machines

We offer competitive pay with great benefits and solid career paths. If the qualities above sound like you, we’d love to talk. Email your resume to us at and let us know what position you’re interested in.

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We know convenience is crucial to getting your job done on time and on budget. We have four hub locations and five affiliate locations across central Texas.

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